Monday, May 12, 2008

@ South Glens Falls

A very slow start to this game ... a few defensive mistakes, a few 3 second calls, and we're down 5-0. At half it is 6-1.

The second half was pretty exciting. After another 3 second call (and goal) for SGF, we went on a four goal run. We controlled the draw each time and were able to pass the ball to the homes effectively. Their goalie was not good, so all we really needed to do was get close and take a decent shot. Lauren Z. had the best goal of the day -- with a defender all over her she was able to get herself just a little bit of space and crank in a nice shot from just inside the 8m arc.

Katie T took over the goal for the second half. She did a great job (with only one practice as goalie!). I counted at least six saves and a number of good, quick clears. Cat has some competition ...