Tuesday, May 1, 2007

at Bethlehem

Fact #1: The refs didn't show up! The Bethlehem coach said he called and confirmed the refs. Later the Athletic Director came out and said he didn't know what happened. The result: A Bethlehem parent ref'd the game. 1 ref, untrained, for a 120 x 70 field. Frustrating.

Fact #2: Overall score: 12-3. But ... 1st half score: Bethlehem 10 BH 1. 2nd half score: Bethlehem 2 BH 2. Sure, the Bethlehem coach put his backup players in, but still ... not bad.

The main thing I noticed was catching. The wind was blowing hard enough to almost knock us over, but the Bethlehem team was still able to move the ball down the field quickly with good passes and good catching. We weren't. In fact, we dropped almost every pass. And then we lost most of the ground balls from the dropped passes. We have to fix these problems in order to become competitive.