Monday, May 7, 2007


I thought we played well. One attack sequence (moving the ball down the field with a long pass, another short pass, and then a run, shoot, and score) was our best of the year. The defense gave Columbia's attack a lot of trouble -- there were a few easier goals, but most were earned.

I think there were a ton of slashing calls (checking across the body) on Columbia that the refs didn't call.

I thought Columbia was a strong team. They had tall, fast girls with good stick skills. Their best player was the best lacrosse player we've seen all year. And yet she didn't dominate. Everything she got she had to work very hard for.

A new thing to work on: All of Columbia's plays started behind the goal and were based on passing to a girl cutting through the arc. They always used multiple cutters. We did an OK job of defending the cutters, but another option is to INTERCEPT THE PASS coming from behind the goal. This is not something we have worked on in practice, but we will. Little by little ...