Tuesday, May 22, 2007

at Columbia

Columbia was just plain awesome today. Fast, aggressive, strong stick skills, tight defense. So it turned into a learning game rather than a game game.

I like playing good teams. Good teams make you work harder. They make you sharpen your skills. IF you're up for the challenge. SOME of you were. Carry was. She had her best game so far in the cage. Mollard was. The 7th graders were. Cehowski and Jenna were. (I'm not going to go through the whole team, but these girls were noticeable.) Others decided 11-0 ... 15-1 ... 17-2 was too much for them. That they didn't want to play against girls faster than them, more athletic, more skilled. They didn't want to work harder than they have all year. To push themselves. Disappointing ...

The ball movement on attack was great. Our catching and throwing still need a lot of work, but I love the fact that you are trying to work as a team and expand our options. Sammi to Jenna ... Jenna shoots ... score. That's good lacrosse.

Defense -- today was the best cutting team you've ever played against. The cuts were quick, they were continuous, and the passes were strong and accurate. I think you did pretty well and actually got better as the game progressed. At the end I saw a lot of interceptions and interruptions.

Next up: Shaker.