Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Averill Park

I think this may be the first ever BH-BL Girls Lacrosse win streak ... 2 wins in a row!

Averill Park came on to our field thinking they were going to beat us. Easily.

They were wrong. (11-5 wrong, which is pretty wrong.)

That was the best all around play of the entire season ...

Carolyn Berninger made save after save in the goal. My favorite was the direct shot that she not only stopped, but flat out caught, controlled, and cleared 20 yards.

I loved watching Av Park get the ball, move it 100 yards down the field with three passes, and then get stopped cold trying to run into the arc (by Mollard and company). This allowed the rest of our defense to get back and take care of business.

The attack -- we definitely relied on our main strategy of running down the field and shooting, but we also moved the ball around more than ever before. The standout play went (I think) like this: Izzy, near the left side of the cage, passes out to Megan at the top of the arc, who passes to Taylor cutting through the arc who shoots and scores. I may not be remembering the right players, but the ball movement was fantastic.

Congrats on win #3.