Thursday, May 10, 2007


This should've been a home game ... I am not happy about having to play on Colonie's field twice (less warm up time for us, parents have to drive farther, no home field advantage), but ...

We played very well. Not easy after a 40 minutes bus ride in 80 degree heat.

The story of the game was bad defense -- by Colonie. I was extremely happy that our girls did not sink to their level and start wailing away with their sticks. We continued to move and stop them cold (OK, cold except for those 10 times) with our footwork. They had been slashing more and more as the first half ended and our girls had the patience to wait for the refs to start calling them. And call them they did -- 5 yellow cards in all. And listen to this (prepare for a quick lesson in penalty administration) ...

Rule 7, Section 1 states that: "Repeated major fouls and any unsportsmanlike act of a violent nature by a player or coach occurring anywhere on the field may be penalized at the 8 meter arc of the offending team. The free position is taken by the closest player on the field to the center hash mark. "

I think 5 yellow cards in a row qualifies as "repeated major fouls." This means we should have been given at least one (if not more) free positions.