Monday, May 7, 2007

at Guilderland

I liked what I saw today:

  • Mackenzie fighting hard for the ball (at one point outmuscling a girl twice her size to get position for a ground ball -- forcing the girl to push her [the refs actually called it for once!]).
  • Larissa picking up ground balls in traffic and making some sweet over the shoulder passes to Lydia.
  • Lydia catching those passes and motoring down the field to score.
  • Kelsey playing a very solid D-wing both in the midfield and in the zone (not to mention scoring the first goal of the game ... 1-0 BH ...).
  • Taylor Jeffries picking up a ground ball in traffic near the cage and immediately shooting (and scoring).
  • Rachel Mollard continuing to keep attackers from running down the middle of the arc.
  • Cary and Carolyn getting in good position and stopping most of the stoppable shots (many of the shots were just good shots).
20-8 seems like a bit of a blowout, but it wasn't. We forced Guilderland to call timeout twice. We actually went on a 3-0 run (3 unanswered goals) in the second half. Only 2 of their goals were "easy."

A few things to focus on:
  • We still need to work on picking up ground balls. They crushed us in this area.
  • Cradling. Cradling. Cradling.
  • We need to work on getting the ball cleared out of our defensive area after a stop. I'm talking mostly about the goalies, Jenna/Carolyn and Chloe/Colleen's positions.
  • We need to work on passing the ball after running it up the field. Just because you run the ball 40 yards up the field doesn't mean you have to shoot. You CAN shoot, but at times there are other options. We need to be more aware of these.